how to dress kids in cold weather

Winter Clothes for Kids - How to Dress Kids in Cold Weather

If you are a parent, then you know all too well that when winter hits, you’ll probably find yourself trying to find the best way of dressing your children. Whether they’re going to school or simply playing outside at home, one thing’s for sure – when it gets cold outside, you need clothes that are warm and also functional.

No matter how much you would like your child to stay indoors for the entire winter, this isn’t very likely to happen and you need to equip them with the best kinds of winter clothes. 

Both children and adults need clothing so that they can feel good and set the mood for themselves. It is important to encourage kids to wear a warm outfit during cold weather. To ensure a happy and healthy winter season, here are some tips on how to dress kids in cold weather:

Protect the Whole Body from Cold

Choose winter clothes that cover from head to toe: hat, scarf, gloves and one layer more than you think necessary because if they get too hot inside their winter coat, it may be difficult for them to take off layers later on when moving around outdoors performing fun activities such as sledding down hillsides or building snowmen.

Kids grow so fast that they need frequent replacements of their growing clothes, especially under the winter climate. Winter clothing not only protects your child from cold but also provides them with warmth and comfort. If you're looking for some top quality winter clothes for kids, then you've come to the right place.

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Dress Them in Layers.

It's important to consider the type of winter clothes that your kids will be wearing. Layering is always helpful, since it allows your kids to take off clothes easily when transitioning indoors. It is advisable to opt for a winter coat with several pockets so they can store their mittens, hats and scarves when not in use or during indoor activities.

Start with the base layer. A close-fitting top, bottom, and socks are required. You can choose moisture-wicking fabric in your base layer to handle sweating.

Then add a middle layer with roomy and flexible clothing, like a kids sweater, and long pants.

Next, add the outer layer with a kids jacket or kids coat. This way, if they get too warm, they can easily take off a layer. If it is a rainy day, make sure their outer layer of winter clothes is waterproof. In wet and snowy weather, kids' winter clothes need to keep them dry.

How to Choose Kids Coat and Jacket

Bomber jackets, puffer jackets, or trench coats. There are many stylish and durable options when it comes to choosing a jacket or coat for your children. But they also help to stay warm and comfortable. So, how to choose kids’ coats and jackets?

While choosing a kids’ coat, make sure that it fits properly. If the climate you are in is very cold, a kids’ winter coat should be long enough to cover their upper legs, but not too long so they can't move around freely in it.

Choose winter clothing made from wool or fleece rather than cotton because they're more comfortable and warmer when the temperature is cold. Coats with hoods are good winter clothing because they keep kids' heads warm, but make sure that they can still move their heads freely.

While choosing winter coats for kids, ensure the winter outfit chosen has a high collar to protect them from cold wind and snow blowing in his/her face. Choose winter wear with bright colors so kids are visible when playing outside in winter. Plus,kids love bright colors too.

Classic polar fleece jackets are easy to wash by hand without shrinking unlike sweaters with synthetic fibers which may lose their shape after a few washes making them look old even if you have just bought them recently; therefore buying only high quality winter clothes such as Incity winter clearance sale for your children is worth every penny spent on them!

Make sure their clothes are comfortable. It is important that kids' winter clothes are both warm and comfortable. Your child will be more likely to want to wear them if they are cozy!

Keep Their Feet Warm

Keeping children’s feet safe and warm during the winter is very essential. Winter may bring a lot of negative effects on children’s health. One of the most important facts that we need to take care of children is their safety in winter.

There are many cold related ailments that attack children over the winter such as cold, cough, diseases related to ear, nose, throat and lungs etc. Keeping children’s feet warm can somehow prevent these issues from arising.

Make sure they have winter boots. In cold weather, winter boots are a must to keep feet warm and dry. Get a good quality pair of winter boots that will last many winters.

You may also consider putting socks over their pants.

Don’t Forget the Accessories:

Create a stylish look for your children while keeping them warm with adding accessories such as hats and gloves to the outfit. A good hat or beanie and pair of gloves are essential in winter weather since kids love playing outside with the snow. Don't worry, you can still protect your child from the cold while letting them enjoy winter by playing outside.

As parents, we have to ensure that our little ones are warm enough to stay healthy and happy. We can teach them about the dangers of being cold and take steps to prevent that from happening. Wearing scarves is a very important way to protect your child's health from the cold. And you know, there is nothing cuter than a child in a winter scarf.

Just in Case, Pack Extra Clothes

In winter, always pack an extra set of clothes for your child in case they get wet or muddy. It's important to have an extra set of dry clothes when it is cold outside. If you don't have enough space, you can at least still carry extra gloves and socks.

Extra Tip

Pack a thermos with hot chocolate or soup and some snacks so they can warm up when they return from playing outside. A good thermos will keep their drink or soup warm for a few hours. Having a thermos of hot chocolate or soup can help make winter more enjoyable!


If you live in a cold weather climate, you’ll know winter dressing kids is no easy task. It’s not just keeping children warm, but making sure they can still enjoy all the fun of being outside as well. Follow these tips for dressing kids in cold weather, and you'll have happy, warm children all winter long!

A cold winter does not have to affect your kids in a bad way as long as you buy winter-appropriate clothes for your child. The tips we shared above should help you outfit your children for the colder months.

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